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All these are from Brazil. We closed business a while back but still have some left over inventory

Buy more than one time, make a reasonable offer and I may take it. 

Amethyst pendant or earring $10 pet agate rock, many colors $2.50 mini fork set, agate handle $15 Blue topaz, by weight, ask price
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Amethyst, by weight, ask price Citrine, by weight, ask price Agate Business card /napkin  holder, many colors, $9 Agate Jewel box, different sizes $15-40
MVC-207F.JPG (33670 bytes) MVC-209F.JPG (38991 bytes) MVC-216F.JPG (118183 bytes) MVC-217F.JPG (76735 bytes)
Agate bracelets, different colors and thickness $10-$25 Agate pill box, many colors  Coasters, $15/set many colors Square agate jewel box, different sizes $15-40
MVC-218F.JPG (123080 bytes) MVC-219F.JPG (34536 bytes) MVC-221F.JPG (48806 bytes) MVC-223F.JPG (50581 bytes)
Small citrine, amethyst druses $1.00/each good for making jewelry  Agate magnifying glass, $15 Round coasters, $25/set many colors soap or.. holder, many sizes and colors $7-30
MVC-225F.JPG (65823 bytes) MVC-226F.JPG (54319 bytes) MVC-224F.JPG (51152 bytes) MVC-229F.JPG (50806 bytes)
Pet rock agate turtle $3.00 Agate candle holder $10 Round coasters, $25/set many colors  
MVC-237F.JPG (51226 bytes) MVC-235F.JPG (54616 bytes) MVC-230F.JPG (49369 bytes)  


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