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Oregon provides a great variety of wildlife just a few feet away from my house in Aloha. I did not realize this until taking snapshots and found out how many creatures live around us. So, I do not have to go far to find very interesting creatures, most showing up on my backyard. All these pictures taken at most 1 mile away from my home. Most in the backyard.

If there is some animal, bird, flower that it is not identified, I would appreciate your help. Enjoy the pics.

Oregon e um paraíso de vida animal, vegetal e a poucos metros de casa convivemos com várias espécies de mamíferos, pássaros, flores. 

Click on images to enlarge / clique na imagem para ampliá-la


DSC00147.JPG (146293 bytes)
house finch

DSC00144.JPG (153237 bytes)
11/8/01 - Oregon Junko (dark-eye junko)
DSC00146.JPG (140062 bytes)
11/11/01 - House finches 
DSC00181.JPG (144865 bytes)
northern flicker male
MVC-214F.JPG (80276 bytes)
7/4/00 - American Robin
bird3.jpg (76289 bytes)
Scrub Jay  4/29/00
bird4.jpg (92124 bytes)
female red-winged blackbird
?? 5/19/00
DSC00098.JPG (350788 bytes)
5/6/01 Canadian Goose
DSC00100.JPG (345470 bytes)
5/6/01 Great blue heron
Black-Capped Chickadee 2.JPG (90303 bytes)
1/8/02 Black-Capped Chickadee


MVC-018L.JPG (142726 bytes)
Nutria with baby
DSC00164.JPG (157140 bytes)

MVC-195F.JPG (86167 bytes)
4/25/99 Racoon



New raccoon sighting


MVC-259F.JPG (146352 bytes)
Plum tree 7/19/01
pict0021.jpg (1514171 bytes)
Pears 7/20/01
MVC-796F.JPG (170545 bytes)
Strawberry 6/13/01


MVC-197F.JPG (50434 bytes)
Oregon Slug
joaninha1.jpg (47825 bytes)
5/19/00 lady bug
MVC-029F.JPG (31504 bytes)
4/17/99 spider??


MVC-163F.JPG (56452 bytes)
Garter snake 11/13/99


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