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U S Rose Festival Airshow

July 21-23 at the Hillsboro Airport, Oregon.

The theme for this year's U S Rose Festival Airshow presented by Intel is Fun From The Ground Up.  The Blue Angels fly the outstanding F/A-18 aircraft through a show stopping performance, in which the squadron reaches speeds of just under Mach 2 - almost twice the speed of sound!

Others: Dan Buchanan, Russian Thunder, BullDog Airshows, Swift Magic Aerobatic Team, Rich's Incredible Pyro and, last but certainly not least, Eddie Andreini with wing walker Anders Brandi.

Major Walter Morales, I know.. my body needs more tan than my face

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CDR Patrick Driscoll

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Major Hunter Hobson

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LCDR Keith Hoskins

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LT Scott Kartvedt

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