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An opportunity to visit family in Brazil during the month of August 2001. I also visited the state o Mato Grosso covering  the Pantanal (largest wet land in the world) and Chapada dos Guimarães (the plains of Guimarães)

Chapada dos Guimarães

7 miles walk  CVC group
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Véu da noiva Great walls
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Chapada dos Gimaraes - Brazil Agosto 2001

Located close to the national park, it boasts a variety of animals and plants. Geological studies have shown that life existed in the region over 45.000 years ago.

The history of the city began when the jesuits buit a chapel in 1751. Bandeirantes from Sao Paulo swarmed over the region, looking for gold.
In 1930 a group of Americans founded an evangelical mission at the chapada's first farm named Buriti. Today, it is an agricultural school, and the church still looks like New England style.

Nowadays, Chapada dos Guimaraes is famous for its waterfalls, rock formations, and UFO sightings.
Every July it takes place the Winter Festival that attracts artists and craftpersons to the region.


The Pantanal lies in the central western Brazilian states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul as well as eastern Bolivia and northern Paraguay. Its total area is some 239,000 sq. kms (92,000 sq. miles) with 139,000 sq. kms (54,000 sq. miles) within Brazil. Thus in total it is slightly larger than Romania in Europe and nearly as large as the state of Michigan in the USA. That part  within Brazil is slightly smaller than England and slightly larger than the state of Arkansas in the USA.

Although the word " pantano " means swamp in both Spanish and Portuguese, the Pantanal is not a swamp, although it may appear to be one at certain times of the year. It is in fact a vast alluvial plain with a slight north-south gradient. It provides a gigantic natural control mechanism for the flood waters resulting from the torrential rain during the wet period, which is usually from the end of October to the end of April.


The road to the pantanal starts here huge Sucuri Snake Cervo do Pantanal
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Tuiuiu - symbol of the pantanal baby macaco-prego sunset
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Many more pictures on the link below/mais fotos clique no link
Pantanal August 2001


Campinas - São Paulo

This is the city that I was born, there are not too many places to visit, but we make the best of what we have. The Bosque dos Jequitibás has a few exotic animals and it is free. Many folks go for walks in the morning. While I was a child it was a must to go during school trips. 

Also, I decided to take some pictures of a local cemetery, although it is considered "weird " by Brazilian Standards to take pictures of cemeteries I remembered the great mausoleums and marble sculptures. My mother Geny accompanied me, and just by chance Monday, when we visited, was a day when macumba/candonblé worshipers visited the cemetery and perform their exotic ceremonies.  I had to ask permission of the "entity (the spirit incarnated in the macumbeiro)"  if it was ok to take pictures. There were three of them. They make offerings to their Gods and drink heavily Pinga (brazilian tequila made of sugar cane).  Usually Catholics that believe on macumba, visit the "Pai de Santo"  (macumbeiro) and ask for health/wealth of wish harm to other people.

Maria Fumaça - back in time 1895 steam train ride Geny e Sara Campinas downtown Festa aniversário amiga da Sara do serviço
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Amigas da Sara do serviço (pestalose)   Bosque dos Jequitibás Bosque - Cotria run wild on the zoo
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Pai de santo em transe macumba Pai de santo cemitério da saudade
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Geny no taquaral capivaras running wild on taquaral    
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Many more pictures on the link below/mais fotos clique no link

Campinas - August 2001

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