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Trip to Brazil December 18th 2000 to January 6th 2001

Christmas came and went and I had the opportunity to visit Brazil one more time, but time was a bit more special since Dulce came along, well, actually I went along. I stayed in Campinas for about 5 days and meet Dulce at the airport in São Paulo and headed down south to Rio Grande do Sul. 

We had some visitors from California, ex-Oregonians: Sal Debbie, and their children Anthony and Peter  that came along to visit Brazil for their first time.

While in the South we visited Portlo Alegre, Canela/Gramado,  Estrela (look at semi-precious stones), Garibaldi, Caxias do Sul, Pelotas where we spent Christmas and Caçapava do Sul where we celebrated New Year.

Enjoy the pictures, just click on them to enlarge them or visit the suggested sites for more pictures.


Campinas - São Paulo

MVC-007F.JPG (63943 bytes)

MVC-016F.JPG (197326 bytes)
Eu, mãe, Sara, Daniel

MVC-848F.JPG (241619 bytes)

MVC-026F.JPG (60499 bytes)
Sergio, Sara

MVC-799F.JPG (79095 bytes)
Sara and co-workers

MVC-814F.JPG (102600 bytes)
home meals

MVC-838F.JPG (111655 bytes)
13 de Maio, compras de natal


Many more pictures click on the links below
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MVC-365F.JPG (143954 bytes)Family and Friends, Rio Grande do Sul

MVC-342F.JPG (68471 bytes)
New year's eve
MVC-064F.JPG (65039 bytes)

Rai, Lírio, Thais

MVC-343F.JPG (69916 bytes)
Deb, Sal, Anthony, Peter
MVC-034F.JPG (80310 bytes)
MVC-042F.JPG (58239 bytes)
Patrícia e irmã
MVC-043F.JPG (77872 bytes)
Daniela, Rai, Thais, Pedro
MVC-046F.JPG (84681 bytes)
Lori, Dulce
MVC-120F.JPG (93516 bytes)
Primos da Dulce
MVC-178F.JPG (67078 bytes)
Tia Sonia (center) e sua irmã e Dulce
MVC-191F.JPG (66261 bytes)
Doroteia, Luis Carlos, Dulce
MVC-169F.JPG (73059 bytes)
Dulce, Denise, kids Porto Alegre


Pelotas, Caçapava do Sul, Gramado, Estrela, DB calcário industries

MVC-144F.JPG (147811 bytes)
MVC-147F.JPG (203142 bytes)
MVC-330F.JPG (111925 bytes)
MVC-150F.JPG (230146 bytes)
Pelotas market
MVC-244F.JPG (88931 bytes)
MVC-331F.JPG (100020 bytes)
MVC-319F.JPG (75314 bytes)
Caçapava do Sul - Fab.calcário
MVC-241F.JPG (123908 bytes)
Gramado - Eu, Dulce, Peter & Anthony
MVC-280F.JPG (110376 bytes)
Amethyst in Estrela rock shop
MVC-109F.JPG (75230 bytes)
Wild ostrich
MVC-111F.JPG (338445 bytes) MVC-372F.JPG (137201 bytes)

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